Team Hensley

Team Hensley

Saturday, April 23, 2011

One year ago...

We got married!

We had exactly the wedding we wanted, pulled together lovingly by our incredible community of family and friends. We were out on Lake Travis at a little spot called Hacienda del Lago. It was gorgeous.

The wonderful Jason Harper officiated. Our Mamas read from Corinthians. My dad walked me down the aisle and gave his blessing on behalf of my family. The ceremony was short and sweet. These were our vows:

I take you to be my husband. I give you my hand, my heart, and my soul and know that they are safe with you.

Let this ring be a constant reminder to you that in all conditions, under every circumstance, I am always on your team because your happiness is inseparable from my own.

We had the best flower girl and ring bearer ever!

The boutonnieres, corsages, and bouquets were arranged by Rachel, Mercedes, Alicia, and me. Then distributed by the wonderful Shelley, who was so extremely helpful with everything.

Alicia went out to her boyfriend's family farm to pick fresh flowers for the centerpieces.

Our friend, Randall, played the cello for the ceremony.

Our friend (and owner of Eastside Pies, where Nate was working at the time), Michael, made our beautiful wedding cake. Nate painted our love bird cake topper. I'm looking forward to digging into that top tier a little later today....

Our family cooked the food. My Dad and Uncle Charlie smoked a bunch of brisket, made beans, and creamed corn. Our aunts and uncles, my Grandma, our sisters, and our parents helped make all the food, set up for the wedding and reception, and clean up after. What an amazing feat to feed 150 people!

Our sweet Benji was our DJ. He was amazingly detailed and the music was really perfect. He also helped out in a million other ways, including keeping me sane leading up to the wedding.

The beautiful Trisha Leslie did my make-up. The wonderful Bob Buford built the dance floor. Look how grateful these dancers are!

Nate's Dad supplied the bar.

Candy and Steve gave us such a wonderful rehearsal dinner at the Clay Pit.

As always, my sis was right by my side making sure everything ran smoothly.

These two worked incredibly hard to make sure we had such a nice wedding. We are eternally grateful!

We were serenaded. Brit wrote an original wedding song that you can watch here:

Our lovely Epoch peeps rented a van so there wouldn't be drunk driving. And they generously supplied our hotel room that was complete with champagne, chocolate, and strawberries. Thanks to Sara May for orchestrating that!

I wore the garter my mom wore at her wedding. And I kept a picture of her and my dad on my bouquet. Rachel and Lydia also wore lockets with our grandparent's pictures so they could be with us. Nate's Granddaddy's handkerchief peeks out from his pocket.

And there was so much love I felt like I could burst!

Our loved ones sent us off with sparklers in our saturn.

We couldn't ask for a more perfect way to start our marriage. We were surrounded by our very favorite people. I didn't really imagine myself as the "marrying type" until I fell for my perfect match. I didn't imagine that I could ever be this happy.

***All of these photos were taken by the lovely and talented Sarah Brooke.****