Team Hensley

Team Hensley

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Smooth Moves and Pirate Ships

My friend Joe got me some part-time work with a company he helped found: Smooth Moves Inc. Smooth Moves, as the name implies, is a moving company. I worked two days last week helping move tables and chairs around from one hospital office to another. It was pretty easy work.

But Oh Noes! Earlier in the week, Randi claimed she had a surprise for me on Friday. But I had a Smooth Moves gig on Friday! What if I didn't get to have my surprise? That would be lame.
Luckily, our work on Friday was very short, so I came home, got cleaned up, then we began a long trek to Navy Pier. To ride a pirate ship!!!

"The Windy" is a half diesel, half sail ship that you can ride into Lake Michigan. They have different themes for each ride. One gives a history of Lake Michigan's rum runners; one tells [lake themed?] ghost stories at night; the one we went on talked about Lake Michigan's pirate history.
The ship sets out of port using its diesel engine, then hoists the sails--with the help of some lucky passengers--to sail around the lake.

While the ship is sailing around, two pirate guys tell the stories of pirates who worked in Lake Michigan.

And I got to shoot the cannon! One pirate said they usually let some kid do it, but because I was such an eager beaver, they let me.

I was told the cannon was capable of shooting a two-pound cannon ball, but that that was discouraged by the city of Chicago. Instead, it shot some sort of shotgun round.

Here I am getting ready to hit the back of the cannon with a hammer. I missed the first time.

Here's probably a look of satisfaction on my face after I taught the lake a valuable lesson.

Here is a picture of the city I took with my phone. The sun was right in my face, so I couldn't really see what I was doing.

Here is my ship mate.

Then we shook the hand of a "pirate" who shook the hand of a "pirate" who shook the hand of a man who shook the hand of a pirate. So we're kinda like real pirates now.

Back on shore--where it was 10 degrees hotter--we walked over to gawk at the new Marlyn Monroe statue.It was kind of weird.

Before that, I punched a metal kid in the stomach at the park.

The end.