Team Hensley

Team Hensley

Saturday, March 3, 2012

quick lil update.

So, this is what a Saturday night looks like in the Hensley house (why yes, that is a plate of homemade buffalo wings). It might look boring to you, but we're having a great time! :)

Nate's become pretty obsessed with electronics ever since his shortwave radio came into our lives. Tonight, he learned how switches work by connecting one to an LED light. He stays pretty busy listening to stations from all over the world; learning morse code for the Ham technician test; and tinkering with potentiometers, relays, capacitors, resistors, and other things I know nothing about. He's completely adorable.

I have been pretty busy between both jobs and activist projects. I'm feeling pretty run down these days but hoping things will ease up a bit in the near future. My sister is coming to visit over her Spring Break, and I am super excited about scooting about Chi-town with her.

We are headed to Arizona at the end of the month. My dear friend, Rachel, got married a few months back and is holding her reception in Tuscon. Nate and I have both never been to the Grand Canyon, so are using Rachel's reception as an excuse for a road trip and vacation. We're going down early to camp for a couple of days at the Grand Canyon before the wedding festivities.

We'll try not to be such blog strangers. Most of our dear readers have facebook, but I know those who do not (love you, DAD!) check here for updates about our riveting lives. :)