Team Hensley

Team Hensley

Saturday, November 8, 2014

A whole month old!

Our sweet Clyde has already been here one month! It's gone by in a flash, which makes me want to cherish every single second that he's a teensy baby.

He's spent his first month mainly eating, sleeping, pooping, and staring at his Mama and Daddy. He also has pretty strong neck muscles due to his Dad's instance on lots of tummy time (Nate saw a poster of baby's smashed heads at the pediatrician's office that scared him). He's listened to a fair amount of reggae, West African jazz, and depression era music. Oh, and a Jay-Z lullaby CD we have (yes, that's a real thing). He's had a bunch of visitors and his short time here has already been filled with lots and lots of love.

We're pretty sure he's smiling at us on purpose now (instead of his gassy smiles), but it could just be the wishful thinking of two parents that spend a lot of time staring at their adorable son. :) We haven't caught a picture of it yet, but we do have many others of his funny faces.

He's sometimes holding his puppy pacifier in his mouth, which makes us think he's probably a baby genius. He's also had no problem taking the occasional bottle. 

And he seems to be enjoying the extra space he's had outside of the womb. He's also continuing to grow really fast and has already outgrown most of his newborn clothes.

It probably goes without saying, but we are completely smitten with the little guy. I think he likes us, too. <3