Team Hensley

Team Hensley

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Devon Ave.

Today started out foggy. It usually hits downtown first, then either dissipates or heads our way. Here is a picture as the fog was starting to give up its fight against the sun:
Today we went to Devon Avenue, which is a street waaayyy far North. It is also the street where you will find Chicago's Little India (as well as Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Russian, and Orthodox Jewish neighborhoods). Here is a picture of a meter maid on Devon Ave.:
The street is full of South Asian restaurants, grocery stores, and clothing shops. You can buy a sari there! Or a burqa! And you can get your nose pierced for $10, and your eyebrows threaded for even cheaper. We went to a restaurant and had dosas. Here is mine:
Randi's was just as big, but all chopped up, so it didn't look as impressive on film.

I was not super excited by Devon Ave., but I have a feeling it's more lively on the weekend than it is at 3pm on a weekday. Maybe we'll give it another chance sometime in the future.

Some days ago we went to a fancy Thai place in Hyde Park to have a fancy cocktail and sit around for awhile. Here's Randi all dolled up:
GQ told me to put on a skinny tie, so I did. It's the only one I have, and I have no idea where it came from. It has a lady bug on it.
Also in this picture is the book I have to have read by this Friday.

Randi has started her Medici job, and has already worked four shifts. I will leave it to her to talk more about it. Maybe she would also like to tell you about the harrowing cat drama we had this morning.
I am trying to push it out of my mind forever.


  1. One:I'll pass on more info on the cat. Two:Nate, you're pretty funny. Three: make sure you get better pics of Randi when she's dolled up.

  2. Soooo....... you had a baseball bat for lunch?

    And I read about the cat on FB. Feel free to keep all pictures to yourself. But I'd love to see more of that tie and whatever Randi wore.

    I hope that 1: you're not reading this until you finish that book or 2: that book has a lot of pictures.

  3. Dude, did you delete my comment? Tisk!

  4. Nope. That's not my style.
    Re-post, please!