Team Hensley

Team Hensley

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Last Halloween.

Everyone who reads this blog already knows this story, but it's one of my favorite memories, so I'm going to share it anyway.

In an effort to escape from drunk drivers and from the stress of pulling together a costume, some friends and I decided to spend our Halloween camping at Pace Bend on Lake Travis. We drove out, set up camp, watched JW accidently swing a golf club into the lake (ha!), hiked around, ate our boy scout meat and vegetable pouches (which is tradition for this group), and settled in around the fire with our lonestar. Jason had brought a hat that looked like a skunk, leading Amanda to request a picture of every camper in that hat.

Nate and Shelley had worked together to make sure his photo sesh was last. Being the good girlfriend that I was, I helped out with some flashlight holding to ensure his shot was as epic as possible.

Still on his knee, he took the ring out of his pocket and said, "So, do you want to get married?" I said, "What?! YES!". I was so surprised.

After all this, we called/texted our families and friends who weren't already there and then enjoyed a toast from our friends who were there. When we got home from our trip, I received these beautiful flowers from the West family.

And, although you all know this already, Nate gave me his great-grandmother's beautiful ring. His mom, Candy, cleaned it up and gave it to him to give to me. It is the most precious object I have.

I couldn't imagine a more perfect way for Nate to propose. And now I'm married to my best friend. What more could you ask for?

Happy Halloween, everyone.


  1. I am so happy that you are a part of our family. We all love you.
    Your mil,

  2. I doubt if you'll ever top that first Halloween.
    Love you both,

  3. Thanks for telling this story! What a great moment to get to be a part of! Love you two,