Team Hensley

Team Hensley

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Amalgamated Items

Happy belated Birthday to my mom!
It's getting colder in Chicago (finally). The leaves actually change color here. A lot of the trees are bright red. The ivy on the U Chicago buildings has turned orange:
Here are some new friends we have. They made us dinner last night. Josh (the boy) is in two of my classes. His wife's name is Marcy.
Some of our friends came into town for the Campaign to End the Death Penalty's convention. Randi was instrumental in putting on the convention, and she did a very good job. Everyone was real impressed.
We went to a vegetarian restaurant in...Wicker Park? Maybe Buck Town? Anyway, it was pretty good. I had black beans and rice with plantains covered with a spicy chipolte sauce. And french fries on the side. Cos I like french fries. Here's what Randi had:
Randi also got a fancy Bloody Mary that came with a fried pickle. It was fried with corn meal and was real good. Here is a pickle toast. Laura is posing in the background.
I have maybe three weeks of school left for this quarter. I have three papers to write. Barf.


  1. great pictures! Some day I'll try a fried pickle. Have fun with your last three papers.

  2. this is a (much belated) thank you for putting us up for the weekend (or should i say putting up WITH us ahahahahahaha). you guys are fabulous, the convention was amazing in large part to randi's hard work, and those were the best fried pickles EVAR. sorry i didn't warn you beforehand that it was a veggie spot. next time, you can take me to a churrascaria or something.

    will you guys be in austin during december? i have an extra bedroom if'n you need it. and my house is super clean now that Matt's not in it! ha!

  3. Those fried pickles were the best I've ever had for sure. Susan, that will hafta be on the list of places to go when you visit.

    We just might take you up on the offer to crash at your clean house while we're there. And, it was seriously nice to see you and have you stay with us. I miss you tons.