Team Hensley

Team Hensley

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I Go to Big Boy School!

So I [Nate] had my orientation and registration today. I will be taking the following:
1. Perspectives in the Social Sciences
2. South Asia as a Unit of Study
3. Historical Methods

My Perspectives class starts Friday (24th), everything else starts next week.

Though I've avoided "Grad Speak" like the plague, I better learn it quickly. I don't want to start using 5 dollar words all the time (or ever), but I do have to be able to understand the people around me. ...sigh...


  1. Give me an example of Grad Speak.

  2. Words like discursive, narrative, meta-anything, ontological, etc. You know, fancy ways of saying regular things.

  3. Sounds like you go to school with a bunch of nerds! ; )

    Happy first day! I wanna hear all about it.