Team Hensley

Team Hensley

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Our Long National Nightmare is Over

Our long national nightmare is over: Randi and I have finally found the grocery store at which we will likely do most of our shopping. Our epic quest has sent us to the far corners of Hyde Park. There was Hype Park Produce, the closest to us, but, because everything there is organic, also the most expensive (exp: $6+ for a pound of chuck). Then we looked at Treasure Island and Village Foods, both within easy biking range of our nest. We discovered that if we shopped at one, we'd be smart to shop at the other as well; Treasure Island's fresh foods are cheaper than at Village, while Village's processed foods are cheaper than Treasure Island's. We knew there must be a better way.
We were on our way to a chain grocery store called Dominick's when we espied a store that was new to us: Michael's Fresh Market. We went to check it out.
Long (and, I'm starting to realize, boring) story later, this is the grocery store for us. MFM is a very nice, and surprisingly cheap, store. I will give it an A-. The reason it gets a minus is they don't sell any alcohol; I'll have to go elsewhere for my cooking sherry. Also, I can't remember if they sell cat food or cat poop sand. We may need to go to Target for those things.
Oh! And they also have a well stocked Asian/Indian/Middle Eastern section. Huzzah!

I also found out exactly where Obama's house is. It's about three and a half blocks from ours. We tried to drive down the street to gawk at it, but the Secret Service has that entire block cordoned off. You can go look at the house, but you have to go on foot.


  1. Speaking of houses...where are the pictures of your apartment? I don't think I'm the only one who wants a peek at your digs.

  2. If Randi will ever declassify the pictures I've taken, I can have them up in a jiff!

  3. So is that the house Obama lived in before the White House, or a house from his childhood? And btw, I wasn't aware you were owned by a cat.


  4. I believe he was living there before he became Pres.
    I think he also got married there. ...but I could be wrong.